How the Network Works

Through these pages you can follow the approach to having Mentally Healthy Conversations with like-minded people.

These pages are experimental.

If you are here, you have probably read about Evenhood’s approach to having Mentally Healthy Conversations.  The fact is that many people want to have a conversation with someone in their organisation, but either that is not possible (because the organisation is not in the right place to make this happen) or they would like to talk things through first with someone independent of the organisation.

These Wellness Network pages have been created to allow people to have Mentally Healthy Conversations online.  You can do this anonymously or named.  You can offer support, find support or both.

These pages have only recently been created, so membership starts with me.  If you want to join, you can have your conversation with me.

Please remember – this isn’t therapy.  This isn’t a place to offer advice, opinions, treatment or help on medication.  This is about listening, with a non-judgemental mind and helping people to focus on the things that trigger their condition, the things that make them feel better and find resilience, how to anchor themselves in resilience and how to play to their talents.

Share what you have learned on these subjects and ask questions to help people on their own journey.

There are rules.  The first is that this is for positive Mentally Healthy Conversations – so this is about discovering how to manage mental health conditions.  It is not about discussing the diagnosis, symptoms, impact, therapy or medication.  It is about discovering the things that make the condition worse, the things we need to help us manage the condition and it’s about finding our unique talents.

As administrator I will have the ability to edit conversations and membership for anyone not engaging in the spirit for which this Wellness Network is intended.

Share what you have learned and ask questions to help people on their own journey.