To the Theatre Recovery Team at Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Your hospital has a special place in my heart. When our son, Theo, died, your colleagues gave us some answers to why that happened. I hope that I was able to give something back by coming to speak to you about my personal experience of mental health challenges, and by offering you my insights into the difficult workplace journey that people with mental wellness challenges face. You do an amazing job in challenging circumstances. Thanks for inviting me to share my personal experience of workplace mental wellness and offer my take on how we can have better wellness conversations in the workplace. As I said on the day:

“So, the greatest organisational failure of the present day does have a solution. And that solution is now within you all. So go ahead and create the environment in which those who need support can get support. Ask your colleagues: “What ails you, my friend?” Give them a good listening to and discover their triggers, their resilient conditions and their talents & abilities, and give them what they need so that they can perform and be effective in your workplace.”