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I found Jonathan to be extremely practical in his approach to dealing with the issues that I was facing. He was empathetic and given the difficulties that he has faced and overcome came at things from an informed position and also presented himself as an usual role model. What he provided in terms of coaching and support was exactly what I was looking for. I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan to others and especially those looking to have an effective dialogue with colleagues and management alike.
John Thorp Coaching Client
Jonathan's approach was fascinating - equally emotional, encouraging and enlightening. His presentation today was easily the most most emotional hour I've ever spent at work, but one of the most encouraging, inspiring and useful. Having been through a similar experience - and experienced most of the same feelings, emotions and flashbacks that Jonathan described - I would echo his approach.
Martin McQueen, Irwin Mitchell Hosted Speech
A truly inspirational speaker whose natural energy makes you feel like change is possible but also explained in an incredibly moving, memorable and more importantly tangible way the importance and benefit of good listening to supporting others. I hope it is a lesson that will remain with me for life and have never been so glad to give up my time to listen.
Clare Attended Speech
I am staff representative in my organisation, and often support colleagues that are experiencing a lot of stress and uncertainty, as well as struggles with being able to balance work commitments and personal life/wellbeing. Jonathan has always been approachable and willing to provide further support by having meaningful conversations with these individuals. The feedback I have received from colleagues referred to him are extremely positive. They have instantly felt more at ease and less stressed after speaking to Jonathan, as well as more empowered to create a path for themselves. His help has been invaluable.
Georgina Deilaki Referred colleagues to Jonathan for coaching/support
I've found Jonathan's coaching and personal insights invaluable. Initially, I sought his help in managing others with mental health challenges, and he generously agreed to continue coaching me. He helped me to understand some difficult behaviours I was witnessing, and helped to adjust my mindset and attitude towards the situation. His personal story, and his willingness to share his experiences of managing his wellness are so inspiring. Jonathan's emotional intelligence, empathy and unique ability to hone in on thorny issues make him a wonderful coach. I've had several experiences of coaches, and I could not recommend Jonathan more highly.
Vivienne Man Coaching Client
“Jonathan spoke at a mental health and wellbeing event we organised for World Mental Health Day. Jonathan’s materials and style were fresh and engaging. His openness about his own story, and its impact on his mental health in the form of PTSD, really brought to life the importance of reducing mental health stigma in the workplace. His framework for holding mentally healthy conversations – drawing on his own and others’ experience – was clear, helpful and persuasive.”
Hannah Priest, Chair of Ofcom’s Disability & Wellbeing Group Hosted Speech (“The Mentally Healthy Conversation” at Ofcom)
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