Stories to Inspire Change

Stories inspire change.

Through my talks, training and coaching I use stories to help promote change.  Stories of success are fantastic for encouraging people to learn from what works well in other organisation when they do something positive to support Wellness.  Stories about when things don’t go so well also work, especially when they are presented in a way that encourages others to learn from mistakes, and get Wellness support right in the future.   Personal stories of success are also great at showing others how they can achieve resilience by learning from others who have learnt to manage their own challenges.

So do please share your story. I’m interested in:

  • stories of success, where organisations have got it right and supported Wellness;
  • stories where things haven’t gone so well, but where there’s a lesson we can learn from;
  • stories from individuals who have learned what keeps them resilient, in the face of their own challenges.

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