Article: “How to Have a Mentally Healthy Conversation”

The traditional way of discussing mental health doesn’t work.  It just results in stigma and a lack of support.  Learn how a different framework can produce positive outcomes.

Article: Workplace Mental Health – Top Tips for Maintaining Wellness

What can you do to help maintain your resilience in the workplace?  How do you identify the things that challenge your ability to stay well and perform & be effective?  This article will help you identify what to do so that you can stay well and be Resilient.

Article: “Mentally (un)Healthy Conversations: This is What’s Wrong with Label, Story and Impact.”

We talk about mental health in the same way we talk about physical health.  We talk about what’s wrong with us. And this is the nub of the problem – because discussed in this way the listener becomes overwhelmed by the emotion and complexity of the illness.  Good mental health conversations are grounded in discussing what we need to help manage the condition.

Article: “Creating a Mentally Healthy Organisation: the Win-Win Solution

When individuals with mental health challenges are supported, they achieve the ability to perform and be effective in their workplace or in full-time education. And those who give support get productivity, loyalty, less grievance, less absence and less complaints; and more satisfied staff and students.

Article: “Mentally Unhealthy Organisations: Stigma and Lack of Support”

Poor support for mental health in organisations is not just a neutral outcome.  A lack of support makes the condition worse for the person with the mental health challenge.  Learn what life is like for those that suffer the stigma and lack of support from organisations with a poor approach to mental health.”

Article: “Finding Your Talents and Abilities”

There is a whole host of enhanced talents and abilities that come with mental wellness challenges.  And it is important that you get to play to your strengths.  See how to discover your enhanced talents and abilities, that come from your mental wellness challenge.

Article: “Mentally Healthy Conversations: The Solution From Film”

Explore the fictional world occupied by Parry, a mad tramp, from the film ‘The Fisher King’.  And explore what we can learn from Parry about how to have conversations about mental health that produce more positive outcomes.

Article: “Achieving Long Term Resilience”

The greatest single thing you can achieve is to discover your resilient conditions, and anchor yourself in them.  Permanently  Keeping them with you at all times. Without compromise.  Learn how.  Here.