Training for Leaders and Managers

✔ What is it? – group training for leaders, people managers, university tutors and teachers (10-15 participants)

 What is the intended outcome for course participants? – learn how to have mentally healthy conversations and provide Wellness support to colleagues, staff or students

What is the intended outcome for organisations? – improve Wellness outcomes in your organisation

The training format is a 6 hour session covering:

  • presentation – how to have a mentally healthy conversation
  • seminar  – wellness conversations: feelings, reactions & responsibilities
  • seminar – active listening & being judgemental
  • exercise – coaching skills
  • seminar – format of wellness conversations
  • exercise – coaching practice

The intended outcome is that course participants will be better equipped to have wellness conversations and to provide support to those who need it.

Group coaching can confer some considerable benefits in helping people managers, teachers and tutors to spot the signs of mental health problems in their staff.  Group coaching is designed to help educate and inform how people can initiate conversations and provide support to those who have mental wellness challenges.

Fees: £750 per day’s training for 10-15 course participants.  Multiple sessions available at discounted rates.

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