Wellness & Resilience Coaching

 ✔ Coaching will help you identify and monitor the things that keep you resilient and able to perform and be effective.

✔ Coaching will help you identify and monitor the things that challenge your wellness.

✔ One to one coaching by a qualified and experienced executive coach.

Evenhood provides coaching support for clients whose aim is to maximise and maintain their performance and effectiveness.  Coaching can be face-to-face, by telephone or Skype.

Our resilience is constantly under challenge from work pressures, competitiveness, how we are managed, from life events like bereavement, illness or divorce and from our inner nature such as stress, OCD, anxiety, depression and other conditions.

Evenhood’s Coaching is focused on people who want to achieve a better understanding of the things that interfere with their ability to maintain their wellness. Coaching will help identify how to maintain resilience and how to perform & be effective while maintaining wellness.

Fees: first one-hour session free.  Then £125 per session, per client.  Six sessions at discounted rate of £475.

Note: I often provide coaching at discounted rates and I set aside a number of free sessions for clients to be allocated at discretion.

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“I am a staff representative in my organisation, and often support colleagues that are experiencing a lot of stress and uncertainty, as well as struggles with being able to balance work commitments and personal life/wellbeing. Jonathan has always been approachable and willing to provide further support by having meaningful conversations with these individuals. The feedback I have received from colleagues referred to him are extremely positive. They have instantly felt more at ease and less stressed after speaking to Jonathan, as well as more empowered to create a path for themselves. His help has been invaluable.”

Georgina Deilaki – referred colleagues to Jonathan for coaching / support

“I’ve found Jonathan’s coaching and personal insights invaluable . . . Jonathan’s emotional intelligence, empathy and unique ability to hone in on thorny issues make him a wonderful coach.”

Vivienne Man – coaching client