✔️ Coaching from a qualified coach

✔️ Maximise your effectiveness, resilience and performance in the workplace

✔️ Manage your wellness challenge in the workplace

Your desire to maintain your resilience and effectiveness in the workplace is well-placed. The sense of achievement and security you gain from this is of great support. But the challenge can at times be significant.

Evenhood provides workplace coaching to individuals in the workplace who wish to maximise and maintain their effectiveness despite experiencing a wellness challenge. That may be a challenge from stress, burnout or bullying at work; a life event – such as divorce, bereavement or serious illness; or it may be a longer term physical or mental health challenge – whether depression, anxiety, Aspergers, PTSD or some other condition or impact.

If you could benefit from working with a Coach, then make contact with Jonathan by telephone on 07843442816 or though our contact form.

Jonathan qualified as an executive coach in 2004 through the Academy of Executive Coaching in London.