What We Do

Evenhood was founded by Jonathan Phelan to help people have Mentally Healthy Conversations that are more likely to result in them getting support, rather than stigma, in their workplaces, schools and universities.

Since the early 2000’s, Jonathan has held a number of senior leadership roles and he is an executive coach.   After experiencing a sudden and traumatic child bereavement and subsequent mental health challenge, he gained a deep insight into the obstacles people face when they have mental wellness challenges.  Jonathan has combined this unique set of skills – leadership, coaching and tackling the challenges of a mental health condition – to form Evenhood, through which he gives motivational talks, training and coaching to help people learn how to have Mentally Healthy Conversations.


“Mentally Healthy Conversations work by simply focusing the discussion on the things we can do to make the mental health challenge more manageable.  Good conversations explore the triggers that make our condition worse; the things we need to make us more resilient; and what talents we have that can be put to good use.  This is a far more positive way of approaching a mental health conversation and is more likely to result in support, rather than stigma. The usual way in which we talk about our mental health overwhelms the listener by exploring the complexity of the diagnosis, the emotional story behind the condition and the negative impact of the condition. Once we learn to have a Mentally Healthy Conversation, the outcome is incredibly different.”

Jonathan Phelan

Through Evenhood’s website you can learn more about how to have a Mentally Healthy Conversation; and our Wellness Support Network offers people the opportunity to give and receive mutual support by using this approach.

Navigation of this website is pretty straightforward:

  • Reading tab: do please read: “How to Have a Mentally Healthy Conversation” which explains Evenhood’s approach.  You’ll also find articles on resilience and other useful subjects.
  • Wellness Support Network tab: here you can find support or offer support or both.  Remember this isn’t about and shouldn’t be about therapy.  This is about peer support using the Mentally Healthy Conversation approach.
  • Contact tab: contact Jonathan at Evenhood to book motivational talks, training, coaching or ask for other support.